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Tenibac has been a leading supplier to all of the automotive for over 35 years. We have delivered time and again a product that has met and exceeded our customer's expectations. Our exceptional service to the automotive directly relates to the fact that Tenibac is the first choice for texturing in this industry.


Our location in the automotive capital of the world affords our customers many benefits. Our close proximity allows for on-site visits to view progress, make instant line-up changes, and ensure that quality and on-time needs are met without exception.














Advancements in our unique texturing processes have enabled Tenibac to create both an esthetic and functional product that eclipses all others. With our Film Process, we can produce the three-dimensional textures that are in demand today, and our Titus Process allows us to apply mechanical textures to contoured surfaces without the worry of seams.


Reproducing existing textures is a practice common in today's marketplace. Tenibac is frequently asked to match a sample that may have come from a fabric, a piece of leather or vinyl roll stock. Our Pattern Development Department can develop practically any texture utilizing the vast experience of our seasoned technologists.


Interior parts within a program are reviewed thoroughly during the texture process to achieve harmony throughout a vehicle. Matching between components is given the utmost attention as our Program Managers follow each job's progression.


Exterior parts are also textured by Tenibac. The demand for exterior textures grows everyday as the outsides of vehicles are being assembled using more plastic. Tenibac has developed textures especially for these exterior components such as front and rear fascias (bumpers), mirror housings and claddings. Also, in conjunction with the automotive industry, we have created textures for anti-skid on step-pads, light refraction on lenses, and textures that make it easier to clean dirt and oil from a vehicle.

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